• Jasmine Wright

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Movie Premiere

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

On February 19th, 2020 was the movie premiere of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. The Premiere held at Westwoods Regency Village Theater at 7 pm.

Everything was terrific; it was great to see how they captured some of our favorite characters on the banner on the red carpet. While some fans dressed in a suit and dress to the exclusive premiere, other fans dressed in cosplay as various characters from the manga series or had on their my hero merch.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Movie Premiere Red Carpet fans in Cosplay as One for All and All Might. Red Carpet banner, Deku, Bakugo, Tenya and Ochaco.

Now, if you don't know about My Hero Academia - In this world, 80% percent of the population is born with a unique ability - a quirk. Izuku Midoriya (otherwise known as Deku) is the rare kid born without a quirk, which initially seems to crush his dream to be a superhero. Until after an amazing example of courage and selflessness his idol All-Might (the number 1 hero) takes notice of him giving him his quirk “one for all” and taking him on as a successor.  In time he and other kids, who will later form class 1-A, are sent to U.A. High School, the top superhero training program. There they will be able to learn from some of the top heroes and later start to battle villains with quirks they could have never imagined.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second movie in the series. The last film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, was an extreme hit in North American, earning in box office $5.7 million.

The film follows all class A-1 as they travel to an Island, Nabu, not as interns but actual heroes. Due to the fall of All might as the symbol of peace, the world is in need or hero’s more than ever. So now that the class of 1A all have their provisional hero licenses They are tasked to start their hero agency, but what seems too easy small-town issues, turns into something bigger, when new villains attack and that push them to their limits.

In this film, you get to see a lot of growth from class 1-A and see everyone get there spotlight. My favorite was Bakugo and Deuko's relationship. In the series, they are frenemies, where they push each other to do better, Funimation expands on that great in this movie, and you see how together they will be the world's next best heroes. The ending fight scene was also amazing, really great animation. It’s always great to see good series get the financial backing to make a full-length feature. Funimation spared no expense and it shows! The final fight scene was fluid and engaging with a simple yet vivid color palette that made it impossible not to turn away from. I cant wait to see what's next in store for class 1-A

After the Premiere, they gave away Funimation goodie bags, that's had plush versions of some of the series favorites. At the after-party, they had a game station. The game stations in the after-party tent were all powered by Xbox letting party-goers try their skill in the My Hero One’s justice 2 which is set to release this month.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Movie Premiere After Party DJ and Game Station.